Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A (hopefully short) Introduction Post!

welcome to the newly-created Konpeito Kari Anime Review Blog! i had a thought awhile ago that hey, i watch enough of the stuff, why not review some anime? here i'll be reviewing whatever i'm watching, popular or not, fresh or not. i'll try to be as impartial as possible on some points, but remember that all reviews, regardless of source or writer, will contain some opinions. however, i will also focus on general points of it, like animation quality and faithfulness to the story (if possible). if asked, i'll point out which sub groups are doing what anime, if and when anime is coming out (either on dvd/blu ray or for the first time), and whether or not an anime has an english dub (that is, if i can get the proper information).
if nothing else, hopefully this blog will provide some insight on anime you might potentially like. and if nothing else, it gives me a place to rant. enjoy!


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