Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity Has Declined) looked cute and lighthearted from the start, with its pastel palette and adorable styling. and it was rather cute, in between the times when i was left wondering what the hell was going on. the series' ending theme, "Yume no Naka no Watashi no Yume" ("My Dream Within a Dream") sets the tone for the series quite nicely, feeling sort of like a dali painting given voice. i was told through various written sources that the series was intended to be a political commentary on various social flaws, and if one knows what to look for, it's there.

Jinrui (or Jintai, as the shortened version of the title is said to be) started off with some rather obvious political commentary in the first 2 episodes, citing humanities willingness to sacrifice quality in the name of the bottom line, and that our rampant consumerism will eventually be our downfall. after this, however, the series just continued with some of the most random shit it could pull, from sentient headless skinned chickens to being stuck in a time loop for 2 episodes. i literally asked myself at one point, "Am I having a fever dream?", to which the series responded with a superpowered girl with cat ears.

Why indeed.

Jinrui did, however, deliver in other areas. the Heroine, despite never receiving a name (outside of her schoolyard nickname, Okashi-chan/Ms. Sweets), has depth to her character and is believable, despite the outrageous nature of the series. Her Grandfather, Assistant, and friends are as well, each having their own likes, dislikes, goals, and even episodes. The later episodes reveal things about the characters backstories', providing even more depth than what is usually covered in such a short series. Even the fairies are distinct, with some of them becoming recurring characters (such as Nakata-san).

Stuff like this happens a lot.

Not much else can be said about Jinrui. i get the feeling it's the type of series that i'd understand more after a second watch, or if i was more politically active (or both). there were times when i was left clutching my head in the Jackie Chan "my brain is full of fuck" pose due to the sheer nonsensical attitude towards the plot. as a result, it dragged on at some times, and was extremely engaging at others. despite everything, however, i'd be inclined to watch it again, if only because the animation and art were just very, very pretty and unique. don't be surprised if you're left wondering what the hell just happened, though.


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