Friday, December 21, 2012


Tsuritama was one of the weirdest series i have ever seen. it starts off weird, stays weird, and ends in a wet, weird bang. the primary focus of the series is fishing, adding yet another curious layer to a very unique and colourful series.
"colourful" and "weird" are two very accurate terms for this series. this, by the way, is the best defense ever. -w-

the series follows Yuki, a boy with crippling social anxiety issues due to frequent moving for his grandmother's work. as he enrolls in a new school on the island of Enoshima, he vows to overcome his problems, starting by making a nice introduction to his new class.
this is soon shattered by the introduction of Haru, a boy claiming to be an alien. showing up at Yuki and his grandmother's new house, he declares that he is an alien who will be living there from now on. after the grandmother agrees on one condition (which is never revealed to the audience), Haru makes a very loud and public entrance to his new class, holding a fishing pole and declaring Yuki his friend. as the series progresses, we see a slew of characters introduced, along with an odd plot and practical fishing advice, all wrapped up in a shiny, rainbow brite package.
Yuki makes this face a lot in the beginning.

 one of the most noticable things about this series is its pallette. the opening is easily the most colourful i have ever laid eyes on, and the series doesn't disappoint in that department, either. that Yuki is japanese AND sports a crop of fire-red hair (the only other characters in the series with so called "anime hair" colours are both aliens) is interesting enough, but then we get to the aliens, the secret organization, and the scenery. the crisp blues and greens, however, help paint an accurate picture of island life. looking back at it, i can almost feel like i'm there in the flower garden or out on the pier. the art style meshes nicely with the rainbow overload as well, resulting in a pleasing asthetic.

Enoshima has a lot of local customs which present themselves near-constantly in the background, even meshing themselves quite prominently with the story.
with the art comes the soundtrack, which is cute and fluffy, with a distinct nautical air. the main theme is always appriciated, it being bright and sunny, but not overbearing. the music always fits the tone of the series, as a soundrack should.

worst name for a boat ever.

to be honest, i can't find much fault with this series. i know it sounds like i'm being nice by saying that, but the main characters have distinct personalities and goals, the plot is interesting and detailed, and the setting is perfect for this sort of anime (full of odd traditions and local customs). even the ending was nice, with the potential for a second season, but more likely just to leave it as it is. there are some characters and themes i wish they had developed further, such as natsuki's mother, but all the same the show was satisfying without it. though i do wish they hadn't gone their seperate ways at the end (potential spoiler, sorry ^^; ).
om nom nom.
overall, Tsuritama was an odd but enjoyable watch, both compelling and clean, making this an easy pick for anime clubs and most age groups. plenty of the episodes focus solely on fishing and what goes into it, so while it might not appeal to everyone, people interested in odd anime, sports anime, sci-fi anime, and cute-but-not-too-cute anime will enjoy this. i had a hard time believing this was originally a shonen series, but given the action and the core of **FISHING** makes it a bit more believeable in that respect.
i know we've all woken up with our share of questionable bedmates, but this is a tad ridiculous.

Tsuritama is available from Commie Subs, Kamigami Subs, Terrible Subs, Why Not Subs, Deadfish Encodes, and HorribleSubs. It is also licensed for sale in the US by Sentai Filmworks.


  1. i must say, after watching this series, i really feel like i could go out fishing and actually catch something.

  2. Just finished the series, sooo cute
    (Sorry it took so long for me to actually start commenting on your blog)

    1. it's alright. glad you liked the series, i really found it interesting. and rainbowy.