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Ben-to is an oddball anime based off a series of light novels of the same name. it centres around a guy named Satou Yoh and his introduction into the world of fighting for half-priced supermarket bento. if this sounds insane, it is. but it's the good kind of insane.
This calm moment is just a ruse, a clever disguise to lull you into a false sense of security.
Satou isn't aware of this secret fight club from the get-go, and has a very violent introduction to the world of it by his future senpai, Yarizui Sen, otherwise known as the Ice Witch. this title signifies her status as a Wolf, which is to say that she is experienced in fighting for bentos to the point where she has made a name for herself. the series progresses, introducing new Wolves, other characters, antagonists, markets, and of course food. through it all Satou manages to come out with his pride intact and his belly full, despite the Wolf title he earns for himself.
His Wolf Title makes a lot more sense after seeing this picture. (Don't worry, the caption isn't actually what goes on. It's a yaoi fangirl's fantasy run amok.)
the series doesn't manage to fall into many common tropes, perhaps due to its ridiculous nature. at times it even feels like a parody of more serious titles, playing up the drama between the characters to absurd proportions and never shying away from doses of fanservice. the villians are always villianous, the heroes always heroic, and the action and comedy always action and comedy. there might be moments of questionable taste, but otherwise the series is spot-on in its crazy train.
Good Job Indeed.
the visuals in this series, while lovely, are on par with most series these days. what really stands out is both the action sequences and the food. the former is fluid enough to make you think it's unfolding before your eyes, and the latter makes you believe you could reach into the screen and pull out a bite to eat. each blow landed will feel like a rock to the skull. each dish will make your mouth water. and honestly, that's all this series needs, since that's the target.
Tasty food is tasier when shared among friends. ^^
despite the hefty dollops of comedy and action, you might want to be wary of who you show this to, with many moments of near panty-flashes, jiggletits and short skirts. honestly, it all sounds tame and usually is quite tame, but one oversensitive person can blow up the whole thing, so saving this for the 15/16+ crowd might be better. that said, if you're willing to look past the undue moments of fanservice fun, the series really is one of a kind and worth some attention, if nothing else to draw attention to the subject of Bentos. they're a common item in anime, but how much do you REALLY know about them? have a taste of this series and find out.
Fanservice is no stranger to this series.
Ben-to is available from Evetaku, Zurako, Supremo no Fansub (Spanish), and AnimeMF (Spanish). it is unlicensed here in the states, and considering it was aired 2 years ago, it's unlikely it will be.
This series has all that, AND a set of twins! What more could you ask for?

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