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Gokujo (alternately spelled Gokujyo) is a series of 12 shorts (about 6 minutes in length for 12 episodes) aired jointly on the internet and japanese tv. the reasoning behind this is that when an episode got too racy for tv, they would air it online. a bit convoluted in my opinion, but at least it means the series was able to go on. the only question hanging in my mind is what they would air in its place when it was being streamed online....

I mean, who'd want to miss this?

The plot centres around a girl named Akabane Aya, a glamour girl with a take-charge attitude and a loud, raunchy mouth. she loves to look sexy and as a result often ends up in rather pervy situations involving her friends. (the first episode had to be streamed, in fact, due to it being about how she forgets to wear panties to school, and ends up trying to steal a friend's pair.)

Not quite safe for work.

With little to lose and little to fear, both the series and Aya move forward at their own crazy, twisted pace, with subsequent episodes introducing the colourful cast of characters and their adventures at a breakneck pace. the characters can sometimes fall into Stereotypeland, but given the lack of time for development, they almost don't have the chance to make it that far. in fact, perhaps due to the shortness of the series, they remain distinct, though whether this would happen with a normal-length episode is up for speculation.

Welcome to Typecast Land. Please keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times.

The soundtrack stays just that, a soundtrack, with only the opening and ending really being memorable. as stated before, this is likely due to the episode length, but it's not nessecarily a bad thing. it accomplishes what it sets out to do, and in fact the trimmed down OP/ED is actually better than some OPs/EDs i've seen (since after awhile, they can drag on a bit if you're not careful).

The ending theme was pretty cool. I'd like to get it.

Overall, i got one giant kick out of the series, having many laughs and "what the fuck?!??!?!?!" moments along the way. not once did a joke fall short, but that might just be my weird sense of humour. do yourself a favour and keep this out of the hands of small children, older people, and those lacking an EXTREMELY developed sense of humour (Family Guy, eat your heart out). it's crazy, it's raunchy, and it manages to pack a good portion of the weirdness felt in Panty and Stocking into a much smaller package. a good series to kill some time, such as on the bus or in between classes.

Yeah, DEFINITELY not safe for work.

Gokujo is available from ColorMeSubbed, Unbeatable Anime (Italian Subs), and Tsundere Rips. It is unlicensed and looks unlikely to be licensed, largely due to short episode length.


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