Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yuru Yuri S1

Yuru Yuri is a ridiculously adorable (so adorable that it can sometimes get on one's nerves) series following 4 middle school girls and their friends as they get into misadventures. A slice-of-life series at its truest, the first season runs for 12 episodes and 1 OVA, aired in the summer of 2011.

Little girls kicking each other. This is all the reason you need to watch this series.

The 'protagonist' is Akaza Akari, a sweet, polite girl who fades into the background so much it has become a running joke. i'm not out to insult Akari, in fact, i think she's cute. but she is, sadly, outshined by the other girls (often on purpose, as i said, a running joke). Her counterparts consist of Toshino Kyoko and Funami Yui, her childhood friends, and newfound friend and classmate Yoshikawa Chinatsu. their day-to-day adventures consist of many different things, including heaps of implied Yuri, hence the title. in fact, i didn't see a single male character throughout the ENTIRE series, even on their TVs and in their books. it's as if the girls reproduce asexually, by coming together and budding off new girls from their own person. with the wackiness contained within this show, i doubt that theory is far off.

I'm 21 and what is this?

even in its infancy it was obvious how popular this series was, is, and had/has the potential to be. the mix of cute girls, yuri themes, absurd situations, adorable styling and pleasing soundtrack has made this akin to the new Lucky Star. even without researching this fact i can picture the waves of fanboys lining the streets of Akihabara yearning for a piece of this cutey-petooty pie. it actually comes as a surprise to learn that the series wasn't picked up by any North American companies, outside of a simulcast on crunchyroll.


cute, boppy tunes flit in and out of this series, making even the cuts to commercial memorable. the first season opening and ending serve the series well, at times being cute, at other times being a little too cute. to have anything else for it, though, would detract from the series, the "Yuriyu-ra-ra-ra-rayuruyuri~" becoming signature to the start of this show, just as much as the "Aka-riiiiin~!" that actually started the show off.

YuruYuru, Hajimaruyooooo~~~!

i was a bit resistant to watching YuruYuri at first, feeling it drag on a bit and thinking it was "just another cutesy series", and in some ways, i was right, this series DOES borrow from the same cutesy tropes we've seen before in Lucky Star and (to a lesser extent) in Azumanga Daioh. however, YuruYuri holds its own with a cast of interesting (if not always noticable, poor Akari!) characters, an infectious sound, and a candy-coated look unique to itself (the closest anime in style i've seen aired in 1982).

Such round eyes~~

While it had moments which lagged a bit, this was likely due to my own problems, and the series itself was enjoyable. i wouldn't show this to adults unless they can laugh at the occasional bit of questionable humour, but kids won't be able to understand anything questionable and will likely laugh at the absurdity and stupidly funny puns. a good pick for a series with plenty of fluff.

If you can't handle this kind of humour, then don't watch. Please note that this pillow belongs to her sister.

Yuru Yuri is available from Coalgirls, HorribleSubs, Akuma Subs (Italian), Tondemonai Fansubs, TZ Fansubs (Spanish), and is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.



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