Friday, April 26, 2013

A Great Big Thankyou!

originally i intended to have this post up last week, but since i was sick/out of it for the week it happens now. i wanted to tell everyone, Thankyou! we hit 500 posts recently, and to celebrate i made some thankyou backgrounds for you all, using the characters from the anime i've watched. imagine my surprise when i looked back and saw that we had surpassed 600 posts!! i guess it makes it all the more fitting that i couldn't make just one, like i had originally intended, so to celebrate this momentous occasion i have a whole bunch for you. hope you enjoy them, and thanks again!!
allow me to also take this opportunity to let you know that from here on out, we will now be operating on a weekly schedule, with a new update each tuesday! make sure to mark the calendar! ^^
much love to Russia, who has the second most pageviews by country, and much love to the other high traffic countries of Germany, the UK, Ukraine, France, Poland, and Romania! ^^
много любви к России, которая занимает второе самое просмотров страниц по стране, и много любви к другой страны с высоким уровнем трафика из Германии, Великобритании, Украины, Франции, Польши и Румынии!  ^^
viel Liebe zu Russland, die die zweite hat die meisten Seitenzugriffe nach Land und viel Liebe zu den anderen stark frequentierten Ländern von Deutschland, UK, Ukraine, Frankreich, Polen und Rumänien! ^^
багато любові до Росії, яка посідає друге саме переглядів сторінок по країні, і багато любові до іншої країни з високим рівнем трафіку з Німеччини, Великобританії, України, Франції, Польщі та Румунії! ^^

beaucoup d'amour à la Russie, qui possède le deuxième plus grand pages vues par pays, et beaucoup d'amour pour les autres pays à fort trafic de l'Allemagne, le Royaume-Uni, Ukraine, France, Pologne et en Roumanie! ^^
dużo miłości do Rosji, który ma drugi najwięcej odsłon w kraju i dużo miłości do innych krajów ruchu Niemcy, UK, Ukraina, Francja, Polska i Rumunia! ^^
multă dragoste pentru Rusia, care are cele mai multe secunde Vizualizări de țară, și multă iubire pentru celelalte țări cu trafic intens din Germania, Marea Britanie, Ucraina, Franța, Polonia și România! ^^
(i ran all those through an online translator. apologies if they came out a little weird. ^^; )

credit for the Alice render goes to SaoriXIII.

i found all the images for these on google.
i adore this Yuuko pic. ^^
i tried to make the backgrounds a resolution that will be easily accessable by everybody. if they don't work too well for you, though, i apologize and encourage you to comment so that if i do this again, i'll have ones ready for all screens. :3
credit for this Menma render goes to therealsin.
some looked better solo, some looked better with others. this is a rare one that was both.
not my favourite of the bunch, but at least i got to use all the characters i tracked down. -w-;
i hope people like these. ^^
sorry Asuna's hand got cut off, but it was the best picture i could find of her. :\
i considered leaving Akari out of this one, but it felt a bit empty in the middle.
i really like the way the text goes with Yarizui. ^^

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