Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chitose Get You!!

Zany to the point of insanity, Chitose Get You!! is a series of 3-minute shorts that ran from July to December of last year for 26 episodes. the titular character, Sakuraba Chitose, is an 11-year-old elementary schooler who professes an extreme love of a man who works at the town hall after he "saved" her from a "wild" dog. the man, Kashiwabara Hiroshi, has to deal with her constant interruptions to his daily life/job in additon to Chitose's teacher (Fuji Asako)'s attempts to woo him.
Oh yes, this dog is SO scary.

as stated, Get You!! is a series of shorts, so as such, the pace is lightning-fast. given the crazy that oozes out of the series like soap from a sponge this is to be expected. thankfully, it's not that hard to keep up, but all the same this may be a series that is better taken in bursts. helps you enjoy it more, too, since all together the total time only amounts to about 2-3 episodes' worth.
in his position, Hiroshi has every right to get angry, but he doesn't. similarly, the other characters are for the most part good-natured (except mika, i wonder about her...). they're mostly well-rounded, but since the series doesn't give us time to get to know them on a deeper level they occasionally fall into tropes. at the very least they're easily recognizable and each have their own personality quirks, making them easy to distinguish from one another.
"Personality Quirks" might be an understatement.
Get You!! was cute and hyper,  but at times the series got frenetic and grating. it's shorts, so i guess you could say i saw that coming, but it didn't make it any less annoying. (at the very least, it wasn't as chaos-fueled as Nichijou....), the soundtrack was, for the most part, non-existent, with the only pieces i remember being an interlude played with the title card, the two ending themes (i liked the second one better), and maybe some tune played with the action. the style was true to the comic in that it looks like it ripped from the pages.
It's all so well drawn~
overall, the series was a light watch that i finished in one sitting. spaced out, it could be a great choice as a time-killer, for anime clubs or to entertain children (though there was one or two moments of light fanservice-type-things). one thing it likely WOULDN'T be good for, though, is pallet-cleansing; the short duration of the series wouldn't really give you enough material to form a clean slate.
Good to Know.
Chitose Get You!! is available from ColorMeSubbed, Hi10 Anime, HorribleSubs, Evetaku, Lateralus Manga (Spanish) and AWH (Portuguese). it was streamed on Crunchyroll but is otherwise unlicensed outside of Japan.
Don't worry, he's not actually a Lolicon.

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