Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sailor Moon Season 1

Released all the way back in 1992 (just 3 days before i was born!), Sailor Moon is a classic anime that every little girl from the 90's is bound to know. it worked its way into the hearts of millions of girls (and boys!) the world over during its broadcast run, and the franchise continues even today. rumours were abuzz about a remake of the series coming about, and it has been confirmed for Summer 2013. no doubt this will spark something big, given that it'll be introducing a whole new generation of otaku to the Big Name in the Little Skirt.
She CLAIMS to be 14, but I don't believe her....
Sailor Moon follows Tsukino Usagi in her adventures as her alter-ego Sailor Moon, fighting for love and justice in the name of the moon. joining her is magical black cat Luna, who granted her her powers, and eventually her friends Mizuno Ami as Sailor Mercury, Hino Rei as Sailor Mars, Kino Makoto as Sailor Jupiter, and Aino Minako as Sailor Venus (with her white cat, Artemis). they spend their time fighting against the Dark Kingdom, namely Queen Beryl and her servants Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite. the show takes on a bit of a monster-of-the-week format as the series picks up speed, leaving a lot of filler episodes. however, by thr end of the 2/3 the plot has gained traction and takes hold, spinning a tale of past lives and past loves. while some scenes were edited for the US audience (episodes smooshed together or deleted entirely), the end had most little girls in tears both out of joy and sorrow. while the older audience might be able to resist this particular charm, the nostalgia factor may have plenty of people reaching for the kleenex.
Never trust charming 90's men with long hair.
Takeuchi Naoko, the series' creator, only intended this series to run for one season, so as a result the characters are fleshed out but not as much as they are in later seasons. this might also explain the monster-of-the-week format (though that might just be the Sentai influence shining through) and the bizarre ending (well, bizarre in context with the rest of the series). if you can bear this in mind, the series makes a little more sense, but otherwise these pitfalls become a confusing problem.
Never trust kids with hooker makeup, either.
the style is pure nostalgia. early 90's means 80's clothes, giant and sometimes odd-shaped eyes, teeny mouths and bold patterns for backgrounds, clothes, and anything else they can think of. the soundtrack is a bit nostalgic too (or is that just because when i watched it it sounded like it was off a VHS?), with the opening theme becoming the anthem of girls the world over. being an early-90's anime, when they imported it they remade the theme song for american audiences, and while this has its own appeal, the original is much better.
Vampire Dolls is probably something America would have edited out.
looking back, there's a feverish loyalty from me and so many others to this series  no matter the form. however, if you do choose to watch it, i'd go for the Japanese rather than the American, if only because you'll get to see the WHOLE series rather than have episodes missing. filler or not, it's your right to watch them. (plus, you won't have to sit through those annoying "Sailor Says" segments. >>; ) this show was enjoyed by so many kids that it became an ambassador for anime of all kinds, so in reality you can show it to all kinds. just make sure they don't start to stereotype anime based on this, too many people already do.
Even THEY can't believe people do that.
you can find Sailor Moon from KAA, SMC, KRT, AWS, Avatar Subs, and countless others on NyaaTorrents. good luck finding a physical copy, though; it was licensed and released as a complete Box Set several years ago, but that Box Set has since been rendered out of print and online resale prices soar higher than a jumbo jet. if you manage to get your hands on a copy, though, you're in for a childhood-flavoured sweet treat.
What are friends for?


  1. Had no idea about the physical copy thing! I used to have every single copy on VHS, mint condition, but we sold it in a garage sale along with many other childhood things that are probably worth a small fortune now. Ah, well..

  2. heh, yeah. i have several VHS releases of the series as well, but it's impossible to find the whole series in that format. the remastered box set included the 5th season, which wasn't released here in other formats. so while you CAN get the series on VHS (or even Laserdisc, i think), you can't get the whole series. plus it's really, really hard. ^^;