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Softenni is a cutesy, fanservicey anime following Asuna and her friends Kotone, Chitose, and Kurusu, a group of girls who play on a Soft Tennis team at their school out in the country. the girls, all middle schoolers, practice tennis amdist absurd, pervy situations and rival schools vying for their glory. the lineup starts with 4 girls, but grows to 6 as the series goes on.

the series moves semi-slowly, in that it doesn't have much in terms of plot, other than training for the occasional competition. it's more of a slice-of-life series than the focus on sports, though they do sometimes get some actual practice in. most of the time, though. their time is eaten up with dirty fantasies and weird tricks.

This is both a dirty fantasy AND a weird trick.

to match the overall lightness of this series, the colour pallet and soundtrack are both very upbeat and breezy. in particular, the opening theme captures the hyperactivity sometimes seen, and the ending theme displays the airy nature that the show has at its heart. the result is a pleasing, slightly heartwarming anime, one that could be used as a pallet-cleanser of sorts in between heavier series (unlike Midori Days, however, your brain won't hurt as much after watching).

NEVER underestimate a middle schooler. Or, at least, not a Japanese one.

my gripes with this series are mostly contained to the nosebleeders. plenty of things i saw were censored with rather large censor circles, each containing some animal...it was rather confusing at first. but they go so far as to even censor them as they change into their tennis outfits, even if normally you wouldn't be able to see anything. besides this, the amount of nosebleed fodder in this series is rather high given its plot/intended content/audience, which honestly was a turn-off at times. honestly, they're in middle school, and while Asuna is entitled to dreaming of the future, i'm not sure that future should involve skimpy tennis outfits and semi-slutty come-ons.

An example of the Censor. Aw Yeah.

along with the OVAs, the series comprises about 13 episodes' worth of material (12 episodes + 6 OVAs x 3 minutes a piece), with no season 2, and the manga having wrapped up around the time this came out. so while you won't get much longevity out of this series, it may bring you back in for a rewatch with its cute yet pervy charms.


Softenni is Available from Ayako Fansubs, Rizlim Subs, Kanjouteki, and Kira Fansubs. it is unlicensed outside of its native country, and considering it was released 2 years ago, it's unlikely it'll ever be picked up.

And Remember, Don't Smoke Kids. It's Bad for You.


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  1. Oh guys, it seems that if you track down a torrent of the DVD/Blu-Ray version, it's uncensored! dunno if that's your thing, but i figured i'd throw that out there!