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Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop (otherwise known as Bunny Drop) is an anime series from 2011. based off the manga of the same name, the series follows Daikichi, a 30-something salaryman who ends up suddenly taking custody of a 6-year-old girl. the slice-of-life series (as well as its live-action movie counterpart) follow the first few volumes of the manga, though not necessarily in the same order.
This One has a Strong Sense of Justice.
after the death of his grandfather, Daikichi and his family learn of an illegitimate child named Rin the old man had. the question is then asked of what to do with her, and after some family members suggest putting her in a foster home, an enraged Daikichi spontaneously claims responsibility for the child. Daikichi, however, is a bachelor with a busy schedule living in a small house, without even another room for the child. the show progresses with the two learning to adapt and to love one another.
Super-short by Comparison.
as is to be expected, this rare adaptation of a Josei series (manga aimed at women 18-30's+ ) moves at a snail's pace. to have anything different however would be so out of place with the context that it wouldn't just be ridiculous, it'd be wrong to watch. this series is about as true a slice-of-life series as you can get, as we follow Daikichi and Rin through such everyday activities as going to work or school and buying things at the store. there are dramatic moments and a few sacrifices (such as Daikichi moving to a lower-pay department so he can have more time to devote to Rin), but overall the series has a very warm feel to it, as a series like this should.
It's the Future Idols of Japan!
the pallet is soothing in that it's pastel and cozy. everything is cast in a shade of cute, and they all have the expressions and mannerisms to match, even Daikichi. the emotion is real, and there may even be moments that you cry; this is normal.
The series starts off sad, but it doesn't really stay that way.
this is not a series for the action lovers. this is a series for those who like their anime contemplative, sweet, and heartstring-tugging. you could also show this to basically anyone (i get the feeling that older people in particular may like this series, as was the case with Yotsuba&!), though there's no guarantee that everyone will like it, particularly children, who may become bored with the series' slow pace. and just a warning, for those of you watching the anime without reading the manga, the series only covers part of the story; i spoiled the ending of the manga to the group i was showing it to once we were done, and their reaction wasn't exactly pleasant, so bear that in mind.
Japanese Stuff is so Cool.
Usagi Drop is available from CrunchySubs, Doki Fansubs, Commie Subs, HorribleSubs, Hatsuyuki Subs, Taka Fansubs, Inshuheki Subs (Spanish), Freedom Fansubs (Italian), Aozora Team (Italian), and Anime Watermelons (Greek). the anime is also licensed for distribution in North America by NIS America, and the main manga is licensed for distribution by Yen Press. (a second manga series spanning a single volume, however, is not.)
Tickling your Baby is a Great Pastime.

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