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Chrome Shelled Regios

Chrome Shelled Regios is a 24-episode series that came out in 2009. it follows Layfon Alseif in his move to a new Regios called Zuellni. a Regios is a type of domed city on legs that wanders the acrid planet's landscape, keeping its citizens alive with clean air and by avoiding Contaminoids, super-powered bugs that inhabit the planet outside the Regios. the series is based off an ongoing series of light novels, and also includes several manga series

Electronic Spirits like this one are what make the Regios run. This is Zuellni.

Opening the series is a battle between a group of 3 elite warriors and a Contaminoid. each swing and slash and battle cry cements this series as wholeheartedly action. the futuristic weapons and special powers (such as the strings of energy used to attack the creature, made of a substance called Kei) make this very shonen in nature as well. as the series progresses, we have plenty of doses of comedy, mostly of the physical type (damn that girl has some sharp boots and a fierce kick), but there are enough laughs to keep it from turning into a "battle of the week" type show. inter-office (or in this case platoon) politics also play a part, with rivalries running hot.

Alot of terminology is used in the series, which isn't too hard to pick up provided you're paying attention. This character is a Neni Operator, which is a fancy way of saying she's basically psychic.

to the show's benefit is its visuals. the planet is barren. you really wonder what the hell happened to it. and the sight of contamioid blood all over the place isn't something you forget at first, nor are the intense person-to-person clashes. the show covers a few story arcs, but doesn't end on much of a round note; there are many things unresolved at the end, making one think that there was potential for a season 2. whatever hopes of that, though, were likely dashed at the end, which mentions that the series is dedicated both to those that love the series and to Tetsuya Koiso. Koiso was a member of the production staff (google provides little answers to actual job title, but he was at least a major part of it) that appearantly died during the making of the series, thus the rush to the ending. despite there being more source material to draw from, there has been no hint of any more animation for Regios. the music is your standard action series fare. the background tunes are mostly instrumentals of the opening/endings and some upbeat cardio-pumpers. the opening is engrishy to the point of comedy, while both endings highlight the emotional sides of this show.

Like the opening, there are a lot of moments in the series which try to be serious, but end up more as "ACTIONLOL".

an aspect of Regios that still frustrates the crap out of me would be the format it is presented in. it has a typical linear plot going for it, but there are frequent flashbacks that were at first confusing and later on just annoying. some of the flashbacks aren't even resolved at the end, leaving a bitter taste in my mouth upon reflection. some names from the flashbacks are mentioned at the end, but nothing is brought together, leading us back to the conclusion that perhaps this was destined for more seasons, but never lived up to its potential. either way, the flashbacks are annoying in that they detract from the main story without providing anything for it.

Stuff like this is never explained.

despite its shortcomings, Regios was definitely an enjoyable watch, one that was long overdue for me. fanservice-free and action-packed, this is a great show to show to anyone 12+ (cause, y'know, flying eyeballs, human or not, aren't exactly something to show to little kids).

Moments like this are few and far between, but seriously, not really kid-friendly.

Chrome Shelled Regios is available from Exiled-Destiny, EZ-Subs, and Bowling Ball Fansubs (Italian). Regios is also licensed in North America by Funimation.

Prepare to get A LOT of reaction images from this series.


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