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While on the surface, Chu-Bra!! seems to be filled with perversion and fanservice, when you actually get into the series it is quite informative. the subject in question, however, happens to be underwear, meaning quite a bit of fanservice, but at least it is understandable. that they're middle school girls both helps the story be more believable and makes it a bit more creepy. it wasn't a bad watch by any means, however, and i found myself yearning at times to see the next episode.
Not yearning as much as these two, but yearning.
The story follows Hayama Nayu, a bright young girl who is ostracized by her peers for her unusual hobby, revealed to the whole school at orientation when she trips on her way to give her class rep speech and reveals her mature choices of underwear. due to this obsession of hers, one she has had since elementary school, she is suspected by her peers of participating in Enjo Kousai ("Paid Dating", in which teenage girls are paid by middle-aged men to go on "dates"). Nayu, however, is extremely naive and a bit dense and doesn't quite grasp why the other girls won't talk to her. over time, however, she uses her obsession to help others, netting her some friends in the process.
Some Good Friends.
Overall, the series has a cutesy feel, but it is obvious this was a series made by grown men, for grown men. that's not to say it falls into the typical seinen tropes; it can be enjoyable for people in high school and over, but some might get tired of the frequent panty shots. with a show about underwear, however, that was to be expected, and if you can look past this the series is sweet enough. the opening and ending, while fitting (get it? fitting??) for this series, were a little annoying for my taste, honestly, and i found myself skipping them frequently.
It's cute, yes, but is it worth it?
I can't say the show has much in the way of plot, or at least not to the degree of some other shows. it's not a slice of life, but the show's plot is rather light by comparison to something like, say, Anohana or even Taisho Yakyuu Musume. looking back, it feels a bit unnecessary that it has still has filler episodes with such a slow plot, but seeing as how this is a seinen series, it was inevitable that there would be a beach episode. while they run into obstacles in the way of their goals, they're usually minor problems that can easily be taken care of. that this series DOES touch on some rather serious issues feels a bit strange in context, honestly, but this is a strange series, so i suppose it works.
You now know the origin of this image.
Chu-Bra!! was a series i got on a whim after seeing it listed on a fansubber's website, but i'm glad i saw it. it was an enjoyable (if mighty weird) 12 episodes. don't show this to kids, there are too many boobs. high school students should be able to handle this series nicely (albeit outside of school).
Best Way to Sleep.
Chu-Bra!! is available from Doki Fansubs and Mudabone Subs.

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