Monday, May 6, 2013

Sekirei Season 1

Truely a Seinen series, Sekirei is chock full of fanservice and action. it is a buffet table of girl archetypes, from the haughty upper-class girl to the little sister. while it looks completely like a vapid, shallow male fantasy run amok, it has more to offer than just that, being barrels of fun as well.
Don't ask me what's going on here, because i don't know.
Sekirei follows a city guy named Minato in the year 2020. Minato has just failed his college entrance exam (again), and on the way back to his apartment, the poor, downtrodden guy is hit by a girl as she falls out of the sky. coming to, he finds her panties in his face. before he has time to enjoy them, however, the girl drags him off in the midst of electric blasts by the twins in rubber miniskirts that were chasing her. after a good long while of running they go out to eat, then back to Minato's apartment, where the girl introduces herself as Musubi, a Sekirei. eventually it is revealed (through a kiss, what else) that Minato is Musubi's Ashikabi. they are then enrolled in the Sekirei Plan, a battle royale among all 108 Sekirei in the city.
Awww Yeeeah.
To give some context to these terms, a Sekirei is a humanoid creature (looks human, but is not) with some form of special power. Sekireis come in many shapes and colours, but are typically pretty girls (sometimes boys), usually with well-endowed chests. the powers range from simple hand-to-hand combat to making plants grow like the amazon. there is even one whose power is singing. helping them in their fight is their Ashikabi, a human partner that they use to first blossom (or, in their terms, "emerge") into a more powerful form, and then later on to activate their stronger powers. the Ashikabi is also what the Sekirei is fighting for, as the last Sekirei left standing will win a wish for his/her Ashikabi. one Ashikabi can also have multiple Sekirei, and indeed there are some unscruplous individuals out there who hunt down Sekirei just to capture them, not taking into account that a Sekirei needs to find his/her match on their own (sort of like true love, lol).
Some people can't handle the responsibility.

the art style of the series was fitting for the overall tone (fanservicely harem/love story), with lots of girlish colours and unique costumes, plus plenty of boobs. lots and lots and lots of boobs and panty shots and people lose their clothes on occasion. so the easily offended will not like this series, not at all. being a seinen series, i sort of expected this, but it gets a little annoying after awhile if you're not watching this for the titty fetish. if you can manage to look past that, though, the series glows both when it throws a punch and blows a kiss. the music is typical; by typical, i mean that the opening sounds like what you'd expect an action series to have as an opening. it translates to the BGM, with one tune in particular actually just being an instrumental of the opening. the ending, on the other hand, reflects the harem side of the series, and is a colourful, silly romp that changes slightly every episode. waiting to see who would be featured was one of the joys of watching the show.
I lol'd.
overall, Sekirei was fanservicy but fun. underneath the shallow shell was an action series with some well-laced comedy and nicely-timed drama. a well balanced show underneath all the butts'n'boobs. as such, anyone under 15 probably shouldn't view this, nor should parents, grandparents, or conservative organizations who seem to stereotype ALL anime based off of ONE experience. (because EVERY anime on the planet is either robots or sailor moon or titties. ALL of them. ) remember to take the series with a grain of salt. because if you think that that's all the boobs you're going to see in an episode, you're wrong.
Seriously, you're dead wrong.

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