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The Daily Lives of High School Boys

The Daily Lives of High School Boys (often abbriviated as Nichibros) is a 12-episode, 6.5-OVA series chronicling the everyday misadventures of 3 high school boys and their friends. the anime began life on the internet, being a series of 8 pilot shorts released on Nico Nico Douga before it was greenlit for full production. each episode is broken down into a series of shorts, each zanier than the last. as such, the series doesn't always make sense, but not nessecarily in a bad way.
Should you really be admitting that?
the three boys, Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake, are all 2nd years at an all-boys high school in a normal neighborhood in a normal town. they make a mockery of this on occasion, poking fun at the fact that a collaboration between Square-Enix and Sunrise turned out so.....normal. this in itself is a paradox, as them poking fun at it isn't normal in the slightest, yet the setting screams "normal life". and yet it doesn't. if this sounds confusing, it should, as this series would have no less.
From Left: Hidenori, Tadakuni, and Yoshitaki, on their way to school when something catches their eye. Tadakuni's toast fell on the ground from his shock.
the characters are thrown at the viewer slowly at first, gradually increasing in speed as the series goes on. at times it's hard to keep track of everyone, to which the series says, "it's okay if you don't remember their names." in the end it's easier to just remember your favourites. a common drawback of series with piles of characters is that they end up as clones of each other; to this series benefit is that each one is so weird that it's impossible for them to imitate each other.
The sibling relationships in this series are greaaat.
the style of the animation is fresh and fun, giving the show a light-hearted air. serious moments never last too long here, making this a great watch when you're depressed or want something light. being mostly boys, fanservice is kept to a minimum, though if you have a problem with boys crossdressing, you might want to steer clear.
That's Tadakuni's sister right there. And those are her clothes.
the soundtrack of the series fits it well, setting up the scene with anticipating guitar. the opening, "Shiny Tale" by Mix Speakers INC sets the tone perfectly, one of everyday adventure and close broments. there are 2 ending themes; the first one, only played in the first episode, is the dialogue of the ending skit set to soap-opera-esque music. the actual ending (aka the one played in every other episode) is "Ohisama" (Sun) by Amesaki Annainin. Ohisama and the accompanying ending animation are a good sampling of what the series is about: crazy-ass bros in crazy-ass situations. according to wikipedia, the series originally had "Subtraction" by Jinkaku Radio as its ending theme, but it was pulled by Square after the lead singer insulted a major voice actress on his blog.
I think Ohisama suits the series just fine. That's a guy in the blonde wig, by the way.
Nichibros is a great series that you can show to just about anyone. with its quick pacing and rapid-fire gags, you're sure to have pain in your sides from all the laughter. clean, bright, crisp, and absurd all describe this show, and it is easy to show it to most all ages. (little kids might not get some of the jokes.)
Not all the jokes are as subtle as this one.
Nichibros is available from Sage Subs, Nemdiggers, Burger, and Kanari Anime (Spanish). it is licened in North America by NIS America.
Oh yes it is.

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