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Sword Art Online

easily set to become the most popular series both here and in Japan in recent years, Sword Art Online is a 25-episode, multimedia-spanning franchise beginning life as a web novel in 2002. it follows a teen known as Kirito, and his adventures in various VRMMORPGs (Virtual Reality Massively-Multiplayer Role Play Games), starting with the titular Sword Art Online. over the course of his adventures, he meets various friends, including the girl that would become his wife (well, in-game) and his sister.
Rule #1.
boasting many of the same themes seen in anime past, this series could have easily been just another throwaway. what sets SAO apart is easily its passion, its dedication to taking all the elements it borrows and making them its own. while the "i can't log out" idea was used before in .hack//SIGN, SAO took it a step further, making it game-wide (and even sniping SIGN's composer for the anime's soundtrack). also refreshing is the series unwillingness to cater to EVERYONE; for example, while the main character has a little sister, it isn't taken as far as in other series.
His sister's character ends up being a help, but she stays his sister, which is a good thing.
also to the series' benefit are its characters. unlike way too many anime out there, Kirito ISN'T a spineless wimp, instead establishing himself firmly as the hero right off the bat, being cool under pressure and commanding in battle. the girls have more substance than just being tropes, and Kirito's friends have enough personality to them to be likeable as "real" people. people he meets on the first day end up becoming lifelong friends, while characters that are the focus of entire episodes stop there. making sure not to expect the typical from this series is a wise idea.
the artwork in this show is stunning enough to be plucked from the screen and hung on the wall. such is to be expected from A-1 Studios, despite them being fairly new on the market. churning out such titles as Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) and Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist), the animation is more fluid than water and the characters shinier than the gleaming swords they wield. the expressions of the characters as they go about their lives really help bring it all together, and even the most mundane of aspects are given the royal treatment (Asuna has a hair gradient. hair gradients, man!!!).
Look at this. And this is right before one of the most traumatic scenes in the entire show.
every moment of this series was perfect. the flaws are superficial (it takes the couple 24 damn episodes to kiss), the voice acting is excellent, and considering the novel series is still going, there is always more material to be had, despite the anime ending roundly. A-1 pulls no punches anywhere, with emotions flowing as freely as swings of the blade. you will laugh, you will cry, you will cheer, you will hiss. and you will love every minute of it. and the kicker is that the fanservice is so few and far between that you could easily show this to almost any crowd (just be VERY, VERY wary of episode 24...and it's not because of the kiss). the series has no need of fanservice. it has so much else going for it that it doesn't need to cover up for anything.
Strong AND Beautiful!
SAO is one of two anime series i'd actually PAY for, but just in case it's available from EveTaku, Commie Subs, HorribleSubs, Hatsuyuki Fansubs, GotWoot?, Hybrid Subs, Deadfish Encodes, Hadena Subs, Tekeremata! (Spanish), Taringa! (Spanish), FXSubs (Spanish?), Atarashi Anime Fansubs (Spanish), Fallen Subs (Spanish), Hoshizora (Spanish), PuyaSubs (Spanish), Kanari Anime (Spanish), Bakemono Subs (Portugese), Nippart (Italian), Wax Fansubs (Italian), Chinurarete Subs
(German), Naruto-Grand.Ru (Russian), Стрела (Russian), Sekai Kotonoha (Russian), Sick Fansubs (Greek), 3arbya team (Arabic), AnimeAddicts-UraharaShop (Hungarian), Our Subs (Hebrew), and many, MANY more.
Might be a bit spoilery, but we all knew it was coming. It was also a great part of an amazing ending to a spectacular series.

Jem and the Holograms Season 1

Jem (otherwise known as Jem and the Holograms) was a beloved children's show that ran from 1985-88. its titular character, Jem, is the alter-ego of Jerrica Benton, owner and operator of her late parents' company, Starlight Music. a collaboration between Hasbro, Marvel, and Sunbow Productions, the series was shown alongside sales of the Jem line of toys, not unlike sister series GI Joe and Transformers. Despite not inspiring comebacks as the other two did, Jem remains in the hearts of 80's girls (and boys!) as a classic cartoon of the era, worthy of much nostalgia.
"Come to me, My Pretties..."
the season starts off with a flashback, taking us to the start of the series and the band, introducing Jerrica Benton, her sister Kimber, and their adoptive sisters Aja and Shana, at the funeral of their father, Emmett Benton. Jerrica takes over duties at her late parents' charity organization, Starlight House for Foster Girls. lacking necessary operating funds, however, Jerrica turns to her parents' music company, Starlight Music, of which she is partial owner. the other owner, her father's former assistant, Eric Raymond, wants nothing to do with Jerrica, Starlight House or giving over any money, instead looking to embezzle away the corporation while simultaneously promoting his newly-found band, The Misfits. not one to be outfoxed by a slime like Raymond, Jerrica challenges him and The Misfits to a Battle of the Bands to determine ownership of the company.
Eric may be a creep, but at least Rio takes care of his girl.
stories like this, in which the girls have to overcome some sort of challenge thrown up for them by Raymond, getting past it with their unique brand of Glamour, Glitter, Fashion, and Fame (yes, the whole series, including the box, is very shiny) each episode. through it all we see some mild character development, even of many of the starlight girls. very central to the plot is Jerrica's relationship with her boyfriend Rio, and where Jem comes into play in all of this, considering Rio is unaware of Jerrica's secret.
Jem and Rio ride Unicorns up a Sunbeam and onto a Rainbow. Your Arguement is Invalid
as such, this series falls into several 80's tropes, such as the "everyman" (or girl in this case) cast and the episodes centering around some event that is at once girl-friendly and "hip" with the times (such as a fashion show, a special concert in another countrie, and putting on a broadway play). the music is always synth-heavy and catchy (Jem and the Holograms' "Like a Dream" and The Misfits' "Universal Appeal" happen to be two of my favourites), the colours widely varied, and the makeup and outfits very glam-rock. that's not to say any of this is a bad thing, in fact, i'm willing to bet most of the clothes and music would fly today (though the feel-good message of some of the tunes might not be as popular as it once was), but for some reason this series remains firmly rooted in the past. part of it is legal reasons, with creator Christy Marx citing a tangle of lawsuits/licensing issues that keep it from making a comeback, but perhaps it is also due to the series being more for girls than boys, despite the frequent action scenes and commercial cliffhangers that say otherwise. time and again we see men who reminisce about their childhoods and favourite things from their childhoods, thus sparking the market for revivals. maybe if the female population were more willing to remember, or marketing execs more willing to look upon the fairer sex, we'd see more girly stuff making a comeback.
Seems we have detected a Saiyan in our midst.
however, that's neither here nor there, and Jem remains a delightful series, despite falling into some common tropes (in fact, sometimes you can make a game out of finding them!). this is just part of its charm, providing laughs for its cute follies. the theme song is catchy enough that i caught myself singing along each time (i do that anyway, but still), and while some moments made me want to smack my head into a wall (DAMMIT JERRICA, JUST TELL RIO ALREADY), it wasn't enough to hinder me watching this series. bonus fun can be had by pointing out all of the things cartoons could get away with back then that they can't now (short skirts, frequent on-screen kissing, the phrase "making love" in some song lyrics), and all of the things The Misfits can get away with (they nearly kill an entire boatload of people, and yet none of them sees jailtime......alright...).
Stripper Moves!
a major roadblock in this series gaining ground again is access. good luck finding a working Jem torrent, because there aren't any. (i welcome any corrections to this statement. it is fucking IMPOSSIBLE to find one, even on the likes of high-profile torrent sites.) there have been various VHS releases over the years, but the entire series was recently re-released in one Truly Outrageous boxset, with all 3 seasons and a pile of bonus content. i noticed what was likely a fluke in that the intro audio was unsynced in some of the episodes, but otherwise the series is nicely done, even if it DOES show its age a bit in places. ^^;
Sometimes, the Anime styling of the animation company bleeds through.
They Like to Watch.


Ben-to is an oddball anime based off a series of light novels of the same name. it centres around a guy named Satou Yoh and his introduction into the world of fighting for half-priced supermarket bento. if this sounds insane, it is. but it's the good kind of insane.
This calm moment is just a ruse, a clever disguise to lull you into a false sense of security.
Satou isn't aware of this secret fight club from the get-go, and has a very violent introduction to the world of it by his future senpai, Yarizui Sen, otherwise known as the Ice Witch. this title signifies her status as a Wolf, which is to say that she is experienced in fighting for bentos to the point where she has made a name for herself. the series progresses, introducing new Wolves, other characters, antagonists, markets, and of course food. through it all Satou manages to come out with his pride intact and his belly full, despite the Wolf title he earns for himself.
His Wolf Title makes a lot more sense after seeing this picture. (Don't worry, the caption isn't actually what goes on. It's a yaoi fangirl's fantasy run amok.)
the series doesn't manage to fall into many common tropes, perhaps due to its ridiculous nature. at times it even feels like a parody of more serious titles, playing up the drama between the characters to absurd proportions and never shying away from doses of fanservice. the villians are always villianous, the heroes always heroic, and the action and comedy always action and comedy. there might be moments of questionable taste, but otherwise the series is spot-on in its crazy train.
Good Job Indeed.
the visuals in this series, while lovely, are on par with most series these days. what really stands out is both the action sequences and the food. the former is fluid enough to make you think it's unfolding before your eyes, and the latter makes you believe you could reach into the screen and pull out a bite to eat. each blow landed will feel like a rock to the skull. each dish will make your mouth water. and honestly, that's all this series needs, since that's the target.
Tasty food is tasier when shared among friends. ^^
despite the hefty dollops of comedy and action, you might want to be wary of who you show this to, with many moments of near panty-flashes, jiggletits and short skirts. honestly, it all sounds tame and usually is quite tame, but one oversensitive person can blow up the whole thing, so saving this for the 15/16+ crowd might be better. that said, if you're willing to look past the undue moments of fanservice fun, the series really is one of a kind and worth some attention, if nothing else to draw attention to the subject of Bentos. they're a common item in anime, but how much do you REALLY know about them? have a taste of this series and find out.
Fanservice is no stranger to this series.
Ben-to is available from Evetaku, Zurako, Supremo no Fansub (Spanish), and AnimeMF (Spanish). it is unlicensed here in the states, and considering it was aired 2 years ago, it's unlikely it will be.
This series has all that, AND a set of twins! What more could you ask for?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Black Blood Brothers

Black Blood Brothers (sometimes abbreviated as BBB) is an action-packed vampire series that originally started out as a light novel series. the series runs for 12 episodes, being released in the fall of 2006. The protagonist is Mochizuki Jiro, and his little brother, Kotaro, as they attempt to get into the Special Zone, a city for vampires. over the course of the story we are introduced to many different characters and concepts, all in the midst of chaos and lots of sword fighting. while it might sound cookie cutter in nature, it actually works out very well.

Pheonix Wright + Major Armstrong x Vampire = This Dude.

Jiro is a guy with a tragic past. to keep the story going, we learn of his history at a snail's pace, which can be a touch frustrating (don't be surprised if you find yourself on wikipedia, spoiling it for yourself), but is necessary to tie the whole of the story together. accompanying the pair on their descent into this new and scary tract of land is a woman called Mimiko, who works for some ambiguous organization known only as "The Company". Mimiko is a Compromiser, which we come to learn over the course of the series is a sort of mediator designed to help vampires into the Special Zone and help work out problems between vampires and humans (or Black Bloods and Red Bloods, as the series calls the two).

Some of the visuals in this series might be a wee bit disturbing.

Mimiko starts off as a bit of an everygirl, but over time she grows some balls and shows us a real headstrong personality, which isn't afraid of danger or speaking her mind (even to her superiours). the rest of the characters have their own personalities and motives as well, making this a rather complex view into the world of Vampire Politics. even finding a place to live comes down to politics in the Special Zone, making it rather tough for Jiro and company, considering his reputation as both a badass and a trouble magnet. despite the real intentions being revealed as time goes on, it grows a touch frustrating seeing all the obstacles they run into, helped none by Jiro's stubbornness, or everyone else's willingness to overlook Jiro's past acts of heroism for his kind.

I mean really, he's done a lot for the greater good.

despite the roadblocks, the trio make their way in the world in which they live, skirting danger and drama at every turn. the setting for this type of story is just right, and the same can be said of the flashbacks (which is good, cause there's A LOT of them). the past plays an important role in this series, with many of the important events mentioned happening either 10 or 100 years prior. the Special Zone itself is a lovely place, sporting lots of buildings (great for fighting and destruction!), a canal, and some other nice visuals, making it a welcome peace amidst the shifting tides of power. 

The series uses very little CGI, even for the special effects, which is quite refreshing considering how much of a crutch it has become in recent series.

the soundtrack is, in my opinion, one of the best i've heard for an anime in a very long time. there are those few series which stand out in one's mind for their music, and the classics that come to mind are Cowboy Bebop, The Big O, and .Hack//SIGN. i feel this series deserves to be placed in the category of "new classics" in that regard, along with the likes of Sword Art Online (boasting the composer from //SIGN) and Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope; marking the first reunion of the composers of Bebop). the light, jazzy tunes, the dreamy orchestrals, and the rising battle themes all suit the series to a t, lending an air of "just right" to every detail, from the slice of the Silver Blade to a mellow afternoon at a cafe. combined with the opening and ending themes, this is definitely one you'll want for your collection.

Peaceful visuals mean peaceful tunes. ^^

not much can be said about the style, other than "it's sort of typical for this time and type". it doesn't have the squared eyes and giant features known to the 90's series (in fact, the girl has smaller features than some people, which isn't common), and it isn't super-unique, as in the cases of Soul Eater and The Big O. it's a mid 2000's shonen piece, through and through. that's not to say it's a bad thing, and some people have features you might not see in other series (the noses were a bit western in comparison to some series i've seen), but otherwise the series remains another blip on the radar in terms of styling.

Dem Round Eyes. >w<

overall, it took me a long time to finish this series, simply because i just never got around to it. i regret that, if only because it was a very enjoyable ride, with the story and its richness moving along at a perfect speed to keep the viewer engaged. some plot elements move a bit slowly for my taste (*coughbackstorycough*), but it really kept me yearning for more, for the next episode and the next plot twist. i actually miss it now that it's over, so there's a good chance i'll watch it again, haha. and that sort of says it all, it was rich enough plot-wise that it'll keep people (well, me anyway) coming back for more, even when it's over. (doesn't help that the ending is one of those open "it's never over" types, but in a way that's a good thing, since at the end i was uplifted, because i knew that they would just keep doing what they do, even if we weren't able to watch them do it.)

The ending really eases any concerns you may have about things turning out alright.

Black Blood Brothers is available from Splazm, A-M (German), NF, and is licensed for distribution by Funimation Entertainment.

Getting little girls to do your dirty work isn't nice. But then, Gunslinger Girl didn't have a problem with it, so when in Rome...


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I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

I My Me! Strawberry Eggs might evoke stirrings of nostalgia for some people, and with good reason. Being an early 2000's series, it was one of the first to be dubbed and the trailer featured on nearly every DVD of that era (much like Ai Yori Aoshi). As such, it is a very obviously 90's-influenced series both in story and style. Though nostalgic for me, like Ai Yori Aoshi i had only seen trailers up until this point; part of me wishes it had stayed that way.

Seems like everyone had an idealized view of this show.
Strawberry Eggs tells the story of Amawa Hibiki, a man recently graduated from college with a degree in Phys. Ed., intending to be a Gym Teacher. After his landlady, Sanjo Lulu, hounds him about the first months' rent, he goes to the local private school in search of a job, but is promptly denied one simply because he's male. infuriated, he turns to his landlady for help, turning into a crossdresser to get the job.

He makes a pretty good She.
i say this is a 90's story because of several factors. for one, you have a rather ordinary guy cast into an absurd and semi-sexualized situation. second, you surround him with girls that he can't touch. third, you throw in an insane crew of background characters, each with some major personality quirk that makes them stand out as a character archetype. if the story is strong, these factors can work, but not necessarily to the series' advantage. in Strawberry Eggs' case, however, it further marks this series as poorly thought-out and mediocre. take, for example, the principal and vice-principal of the school. the pair have got to be the most man-hating duo i have ever laid eyes on, and everything they do has something to do with their obsession with making a female-only environment. i'm willing to bet even The Amazons, the matriarchal tribe of legend, has more personality beyond "i hate men, they need to die". to further frustrate the viewer we are given little to no reason behind their bias; we get one little blurb at the end about the principal's hatred, and nothing about the vice. it's possible she was just following orders, but to do so with such fervor goes above and beyond "just doing my job". (but then, have we EVER met a vice-principal that wasn't more ferocious than the principal him/herself?)

Bitch had it coming.
the absurdities don't end with the characters, though most of them are caused by them. just WHAT school forces a TEACHER to take a physical against their will, and not with their own doctor? in what universe is it acceptable behaviour to have such a bias towards the male gender that it ends up alienating your students on the verge of sexual harassment? and just when is it okay for a teacher to come within inches of kissing a student, especially when that girl thinks the teacher is also a woman? i can suspend my disbelief, as nessecary for any sort of series involving fantasy, but this series just got ridiculous in places, to the point where i wanted to punch the screen. by the end of the series, i WAS laughing, though it was more at how ridiculous and pathetic it had gotten. if this is comedy, it sure as hell is a roundabout way to get it.

I didn't realize Anime had the KKK.
the only merits i can think of for this series are the soundtrack and some of the characters. i use the word "some" loosely, as there are only 3 characters i like, and one's a dog. the soundtrack, however, has the pleasant air of an early 2000's series, employing some countryish guitar tracks, some generic instrumentals, and the same old, same old for the opening and ending. though pleasing, it was rather forgettable in retrospect, with the only memorable tracks being the ending (only because i chose to look at other things while it was playing, coming back in time for the preview, rather than skipping it all together) and the obligatory music box piece (would it really be a 2000's anime without it?), which was annoying as usual.

Floating Features are a common problem in this series.
the style, while charming and nostalgic for the early days of my anime consumption, is lacking in a lot of places, leading me to think this series was either rushed or over budget, or both. there are scenes in which the characters are only flat colour, with no shine to the hair and barely (if any) shadow to them at all, leading them to look more like unfinished cels rather than full-fledged anime characters. other scenes have derp faces, misplaced facial features, and even a scene in which the vice's makeup looks akin to Bowser from the Super Mario series.

In this scene, the girls want to get their friend Fujio some ice cream because she seems depressed. Pay attention to Seiko, the black haired girl. During the close-up, her hat disappears.
if this series had gotten a little more polishing all around, it might be worth more viewing and remembering, but instead we are left with what could have been instead of what was. i suppose it doesn't help that the manga came out AFTER the anime series, meaning it's even MORE forgettable than the anime, and it also means the story didn't have time to flesh itself out beforehand (in fact, it's not quite surprising given the lack of story-driven plot, though it's quite rare for the anime to come first rather than the manga). i expected more of Strawberry Eggs, and while i have a deep liking of Amawa (as a guy, and this is only most of the time, there were plenty of moments when i wanted to punch the guy in the jaw for being a creep), the landlady, and the dog, they sum up basically all i like about this series, with the rest of it being a series of tired tropes and worn-out concepts passing for characters. speaking of tropes, according to TVTropes, the title contains a pun, Aimai being Japanese for "ambiguious", meaning the title translates to "Ambiguous Me! Strawberry Eggs", and in this respect, it is correct: the series, the characters, the plot, the title, and the ending are all quite ambiguous, leaving me dazed and confused. the title doesn't make sense, the plot doesn't exist, and the ending left me unsatisfied. you disappointed me, Strawberry Eggs. you really did.

Flat colours and weak shadows. It's like they didn't even try.

Strawberry Eggs is available from Exiled-Destiny (on BakaBT as well as other sites), LIME, and (if you can find it) was licensed for distrobution by Geneon Entertainment in August 2002. (but really, don't go out of your way for this one.)

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Yuru Yuri S1

Yuru Yuri is a ridiculously adorable (so adorable that it can sometimes get on one's nerves) series following 4 middle school girls and their friends as they get into misadventures. A slice-of-life series at its truest, the first season runs for 12 episodes and 1 OVA, aired in the summer of 2011.

Little girls kicking each other. This is all the reason you need to watch this series.

The 'protagonist' is Akaza Akari, a sweet, polite girl who fades into the background so much it has become a running joke. i'm not out to insult Akari, in fact, i think she's cute. but she is, sadly, outshined by the other girls (often on purpose, as i said, a running joke). Her counterparts consist of Toshino Kyoko and Funami Yui, her childhood friends, and newfound friend and classmate Yoshikawa Chinatsu. their day-to-day adventures consist of many different things, including heaps of implied Yuri, hence the title. in fact, i didn't see a single male character throughout the ENTIRE series, even on their TVs and in their books. it's as if the girls reproduce asexually, by coming together and budding off new girls from their own person. with the wackiness contained within this show, i doubt that theory is far off.

I'm 21 and what is this?

even in its infancy it was obvious how popular this series was, is, and had/has the potential to be. the mix of cute girls, yuri themes, absurd situations, adorable styling and pleasing soundtrack has made this akin to the new Lucky Star. even without researching this fact i can picture the waves of fanboys lining the streets of Akihabara yearning for a piece of this cutey-petooty pie. it actually comes as a surprise to learn that the series wasn't picked up by any North American companies, outside of a simulcast on crunchyroll.


cute, boppy tunes flit in and out of this series, making even the cuts to commercial memorable. the first season opening and ending serve the series well, at times being cute, at other times being a little too cute. to have anything else for it, though, would detract from the series, the "Yuriyu-ra-ra-ra-rayuruyuri~" becoming signature to the start of this show, just as much as the "Aka-riiiiin~!" that actually started the show off.

YuruYuru, Hajimaruyooooo~~~!

i was a bit resistant to watching YuruYuri at first, feeling it drag on a bit and thinking it was "just another cutesy series", and in some ways, i was right, this series DOES borrow from the same cutesy tropes we've seen before in Lucky Star and (to a lesser extent) in Azumanga Daioh. however, YuruYuri holds its own with a cast of interesting (if not always noticable, poor Akari!) characters, an infectious sound, and a candy-coated look unique to itself (the closest anime in style i've seen aired in 1982).

Such round eyes~~

While it had moments which lagged a bit, this was likely due to my own problems, and the series itself was enjoyable. i wouldn't show this to adults unless they can laugh at the occasional bit of questionable humour, but kids won't be able to understand anything questionable and will likely laugh at the absurdity and stupidly funny puns. a good pick for a series with plenty of fluff.

If you can't handle this kind of humour, then don't watch. Please note that this pillow belongs to her sister.

Yuru Yuri is available from Coalgirls, HorribleSubs, Akuma Subs (Italian), Tondemonai Fansubs, TZ Fansubs (Spanish), and is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.




Gokujo (alternately spelled Gokujyo) is a series of 12 shorts (about 6 minutes in length for 12 episodes) aired jointly on the internet and japanese tv. the reasoning behind this is that when an episode got too racy for tv, they would air it online. a bit convoluted in my opinion, but at least it means the series was able to go on. the only question hanging in my mind is what they would air in its place when it was being streamed online....

I mean, who'd want to miss this?

The plot centres around a girl named Akabane Aya, a glamour girl with a take-charge attitude and a loud, raunchy mouth. she loves to look sexy and as a result often ends up in rather pervy situations involving her friends. (the first episode had to be streamed, in fact, due to it being about how she forgets to wear panties to school, and ends up trying to steal a friend's pair.)

Not quite safe for work.

With little to lose and little to fear, both the series and Aya move forward at their own crazy, twisted pace, with subsequent episodes introducing the colourful cast of characters and their adventures at a breakneck pace. the characters can sometimes fall into Stereotypeland, but given the lack of time for development, they almost don't have the chance to make it that far. in fact, perhaps due to the shortness of the series, they remain distinct, though whether this would happen with a normal-length episode is up for speculation.

Welcome to Typecast Land. Please keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times.

The soundtrack stays just that, a soundtrack, with only the opening and ending really being memorable. as stated before, this is likely due to the episode length, but it's not nessecarily a bad thing. it accomplishes what it sets out to do, and in fact the trimmed down OP/ED is actually better than some OPs/EDs i've seen (since after awhile, they can drag on a bit if you're not careful).

The ending theme was pretty cool. I'd like to get it.

Overall, i got one giant kick out of the series, having many laughs and "what the fuck?!??!?!?!" moments along the way. not once did a joke fall short, but that might just be my weird sense of humour. do yourself a favour and keep this out of the hands of small children, older people, and those lacking an EXTREMELY developed sense of humour (Family Guy, eat your heart out). it's crazy, it's raunchy, and it manages to pack a good portion of the weirdness felt in Panty and Stocking into a much smaller package. a good series to kill some time, such as on the bus or in between classes.

Yeah, DEFINITELY not safe for work.

Gokujo is available from ColorMeSubbed, Unbeatable Anime (Italian Subs), and Tsundere Rips. It is unlicensed and looks unlikely to be licensed, largely due to short episode length.