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Anime Boston 2014

Dear readers, do you like going to Anime Cons? Want to, or perhaps, like me, attend regularly? I figured since this is an Anime blog, I'd write a quick post about this year's trip to Anime Boston.

A poster my friend got. It's signed by one of the producers of Sailor Moon, as well as the english Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon, and the original Sailor Saturn! :0

Some families take vacations every year; in my case, I go to Anime Boston every year. It's right around my birthday, so as a gift, people often give me con money or pay for my registration. This was my 5th year going, and although I say this every time, this was the best year yet.

For some reason it gets better and better every con. -w-

It kicked off thursday evening, with a very rushed bout of packing and screeching out at about 7pm (a full hour after I had intended to leave), after spending the day cooking snacks for con and going to my monthly volunteer position at the local library's anime club. Me and my Mum (she volunteered to drive me down; I'd gladly have taken my own car, but sadly, parking in the city was not meant to be) sped down the highway as I frantically gave out directions and tried to contact all of my friends who were going to confirm exactly when Pass Pickup closed (we eventually found out it was 10pm, so we breathed a sigh of relief as I ran in and out of the hotel to snag my badge). After this little fiasco came the worse part: locating my friend's apartment. Despite having correct directions (for once, Google got it right) and phone reassurance from my friend, Mum kept second-guessing everything and turning around every 2 minutes, resulting in quite a bit of shouting and back-tracking. By the end of it, she rescinded her offer to pick me up sunday since she was so stressed out. Once there, I settled into home base (a large chair) and set to work preparing the weekend's porn folders (I'll explain later).

The porn folders are a gag i've been doing since my first con. Pictured is a lovely woman i became fast friends with during the con (i hope she doesn't mind her picture being up here!! ;^; ).

Friday saw me waking up very early (7am?), and spending at least another 2-2.5 hours on the folders, then sharing the bathroom with my fellow con-goers (my friend Mel, her room mate Sarah, and Mel's friends Alex and Jake) as we all got ready and left. We tramped down the street proudly, cosplays donned like flags of honour, and headed off towards the train station. One short (but likely awkward for the other MBTA patrons) train ride later, and we were walking down the sidewalk towards the convention centre. After Bag Checks (these became manditory after the Marathon Bombings last year, with items as benign as sewing needles being labeled "contraband" and confiscated), we all parted ways and went off to our respective panels. First up for me was a Gijinka panel (if you're unfamiliar, read up here:擬人化-humanization ), which, being that I was cosplaying an OS-tan (japanese meme character; personifications of various computer OSes, programs, etc), I had to go to to edumacate some bitches. The hoster turned out to be really nice and very receptive to my porn folder afterward (I've cosplayed as OS-tans for 5 years, so I like to do a little "file sharing" in the form of gag "porn" folders which have links to OS-tan sites and my sites, including this blog). After this, I wandered, eventually being drawn into the weekend's first trip into the Dealer's Room. I met a lovely woman who I would converse with several times over the course of the weekend, and happily accepted one of the porn folders as well. After checking out at the booth she was volunteering at, I wandered, snapping pictures of the various nice things I couldn't afford. I found my way to the vintage booth, where I was informed that yes, sadly, their Lum Plushie from last year had been sold. However, I perked up once I saw some moderately priced Evangelion items. I ended up putting a deposit down on an Asuka figure, since my brother-in-law adores the character and I knew would appreciate her quite a bit.

I had also toyed with the idea of getting him a wall scroll, but both he and my sister assured me that they didn't have the room (and the cats would potentially destroy it).

Friday continued with panels, though (much to my and two other cosplayers' frustration), the Gender Identity in Anime panel was full by the time I got there. Instead, me and my friend Arty (who was working security that year and had taken a break to go to the panel with me) wandered off, having some "fun" with a Unicorn, getting a present for Mum in the Artists' Alley and eventually stopping in the Sheraton so I could switch cosplays for the evening. Right after switching, I hit the Swap Meet. I had been looking forward to it for months now, having acquired a large number of manga (and even a DVD) to swap. Towards the middle, Arty had to go back on shift, but I stayed, managing to swap about half of my trade fodder for a mountain of rare stuff and getting a nice cardboard box to store it all in. Shortly after, I was met by Mum and my sister, who dropped off some additional con funds, and then went on their way. I did as well, heading to the next (and final) big event of the night: Extreme Geek. for those unfamiliar, Extreme Geek is part panel, part game show, and all weird. I met up with some friends, and we got excellent seats (2nd row from the front). Most of us even got to participate (which was a crapload of fun), but despite all efforts (including me helping to act out a scene from Game of Thrones and my friend Kevin drinking what sounds like one of the most awful concoctions ever thought up....and then going back for more), the audience lost this year (a shock!). After filing out, we went our separate ways, me meeting up with Mel, Sarah, and Sarah's boyfriend Kevin, who had joined the group staying at the apartment. One cab ride later, and we were back at the abode, me settling in to work on folders and eventually heading off to sleep (despite the others' wish to watch Attack on Titan).

Your lovely reviewer is in the centre, with the teal hair, glasses, and the tiger-print bikini.

Saturday rung in at the same early hour as Friday, which was not good given that i went to bed around 2:30 or so. Despite this, i downed breakfast (a coke and half a bag of goldfish...whoo~) and ended up getting ready and leaving without everyone else (since they were wasting their con away in bed and i had an early panel). Short walk, train ride, bag check, and i'm back in the fray, only to find out that my early panel had been canceled and replaced with.....Zelda. (ugh. no offense to Zelda lovers out there, i like it too, but it was a Princess Jellyfish often do those come along!?). Feeling sour, i sat down in front of the windows on the second floor, at a loss of what to do. I waited around and texted some friends, eventually meeting up with my dear friend Cockle, and she and I hit the Dealers' Room once again. Eventually we parted ways (she was late for a check-in), and i did one of the things i had resolved to do this con: i went to the Doujin booth and bought an OS-tan doujin. (for those unfamiliar, learn about Doujinshi here:ōjinshi ) after this, i occupied myself with the Know Your Meme panel (got picked twice and answered correctly both times, it was a proud moment -w- ), and after that, finding myself in a lull of activity, i went to the Manga Library. there (after some texting) i met up with Arty again, who got some cosplay pics of me before i switched back to Lum and sped off to the Sailor Moon Merchandise panel. She went back on shift and I enjoyed hearing about all the interesting items released back in Japan, and afterward went back to the gem of the con: the Swap Meet.

Two manga, and this was mine!!! :0000

after spending a good hour in there and swapping off the rest of my manga (as well as chatting with some very nice people, including the author of the Anime Nostalgia Podcast located at ), i ran into a Michael Jackson cosplayer (in his Beat It outfit) who i had met years before. He took my picture, and wanted to arrange for a small photo shoot, but before he could come back with all the other people, i had to leave to go off to one of the largest events of the con: the Hentai Dubbing. however, by the time i left, it was too late anyway, as my friends (who had been saving a place for me towards the front of the line) had already filed inside. feeling burnt out and frustrated, i tracked down Mel and managed to get her keys, heading back to the apartment alone.

I always laugh a little bit whenever i see convention advertisements in public spaces. It's like we're space invaders and this is our way of saying "WE COME TO TAKE OVER YOUR CITY (for a weekend)". -w-

Sunday was filled with that same contradictory feeling it always is: at once, you can feel a winding-down of things, and an urgency to pack as much experience as you can into the final moments of the nerd mecca. I started the day not knowing what to do, so i went to the Mamas of Shojo Manga panel (and was very glad i did, as i picked up on some new titles to check out). After this let out, i had some time before my next panel, so i went back to the dealer's room, spending every last dollar i had (i feel weird if i leave the con with money, like i didn't complete it to the fullest). Now broke, i sped off to the final panel of the day: Bishonen: Princes vs. Scoundrels. i met up with an old friend (whom i couldn't place until literally just now) and met some nice girls from a city near mine. the panel was fun, i was glad i went, and after it let out i had some time to kill, so i went to the Manga Library again, where i met up with my friend Katherine and eventually Cockle again. this reunion was short-lived, however, as i had to get in line for Closing Ceremonies and they had to go off to meet up with their friends to go home. We parted ways, and i eventually met up with Kevin and Ron, and eventually Dan (3 of the friends who went with me to Extreme Geek and had saved the place for me during the Hentai Dubbing) in line for Closings, and we all sat together as we said goodbye to the big con guests, learned of the attendance number (we broke 25,000 attendees this year!!) and of next year's con dates and theme. after staying for the winning AMVs, i took the train back to the apartment and packed.

Your hapless reviewer, in her daytime cosplay, Windows XP Home (aka Homeko).

About an hour later, we were picked up by Mel's mom, and she drove us 4 (me, Mel, Jake, and Alex) back home (with the exception of Mel, who ended up leaving immediately to take a bus back to Boston). A quick stop, and then i was back home, where i was recieved by a very hostile reception (a typical day in the life of living with my dad) and settled in for some much needed food and rest (the last full meal i had eaten had been thursday morning).

I filled this entire cardboard box to the top with stuff from con.

despite the unwelcome homecoming, it was a spectacular con that i dubbed both RareCon (due to the large amount of rare items and happenings i had) and BootCon (this being the year i premiered my calf boots for my Lum cosplay and was introduced to Das Boot at Extreme Geek (don't worry, it's SFW): ). i walked out of there with 29 books, 2 dvds, 6 posters/wall scrolls, 10 plushies/figures, and 16 miscellaneous items. yep, this was probably the best con yet. -w-

That unicorn had it coming.

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