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Arcade Gamer Fubuki (by RamuneRoxy)

Arcade Gamer Fubuki was an OVA produced by Bandai in 2002. Theme wise, it bears similarities to the '89 film, The Wizard (A film best known for being a 90-minute Nintendo commercial), although it has more to do with a '78 manga titled Game Center Arashi; which this show serves as a fan-made sequel to. The DVD cover proudly proclaims it to be "from the screenwriter of Cowboy Bebop", but it's actually from someone who only wrote one episode for that series, so the blurb on the package is only half-true.

This pic sums up part of the series quite well, actually

The story stars a girl named Fubuki, whom was gifted with a pair of Passion Panties; magical underwear that grants her supernatural skills at arcade games. With this secret weapon under her skirt, she enters a game tournament to test her skills, but finds more than she bargained for when it's revealed that an evil organization is trying to disrupt the tournament as part of their mysterious plans; and among their ranks is a girl with her own pair of Passion Panties.

Who needs Gameshark when you have magic panties?

For something from '02, the plot is full of the sort of cheesiness you'll find in mid '90s OVAs, with some fanservice (Nothing more extreme than a panty shot or bouncy breasts, though) and Sega arcade games. The art style is visually pleasing; it has a very nice look and feel to it, and the arcade games featured (All "off-branded" versions of real games, like Space Invaders) have a retro feel, with the exception of the Sega games featured; which use real game footage, in similar vein to Ben-To.

A gamer 65 million years in the making

To me, the story in this progresses at a fairly comfortable space within the number of episodes given; it feels like watching a movie broken down into four 22-minute parts. The only real issue I have is how one part of the ending had little build-up to it, but to avoid going into spoilers, I can't say much beyond it being brought up in episode 1, then never mentioned again until the final episode. But, it's not too bad compared to some other obscure OVAs I've watched in the past; that seem to resolve major plot threads almost immediately after they're introduced. There is a bonus 6-minute episode, but it really only amounts to a fanservice reel narrated by Sanpeita (The creepy boy with the camera; who seems obsessed with Fubuki) with only a few laughs; not really worth watching, since it doesn't add anything beyond fanservice.

Although I'm sure some will enjoy the fanservice as much as he does

The original Japanese voice acting is actually pretty solid, although the subtitles on the official release leave much to be desired; especially in how they somehow mistranslated Glass Joe, whose name is a reference to a character from Nintendo's PunchOut series, to "Joe Dallas"; even when the announcer says "Glass Joe" in English. Granted, I heard that the group who did the subtitles for this actually despised the series greatly; hence why they gave it such minimal effort.

As for the English voice acting, it's not that great; many of the problems with translation that exist in the Japanese sub are present here as well, while some of the main cast come off as annoying due to their choice in voices. However, it's worth watching if only for Dan Green; who somehow makes it worthwhile.


This OVA has a certain charm to it for how laughable the whole thing is. It's also definitely not for everyone; you might want to avoid showing this to younger viewers, more conservative relatives, or people uncomfortable with a series that routinely shows the panties of a younger girl. However, if you have a group of friends that are at least 14 or older, and are looking for something that will give you a good laugh, then by all means check this out.

Her skills at DDR are also a plus

Arcade Gamer Fubuki is available from Central Park Media and various torrent sites. Although it's been out of print for years, the DVDs are fairly cheap to come by if you want to own a copy.

Not quite what I meant by "panty shot", but alright


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