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Detroit Metal City

12 episodes of insane, Detroit Metal City is a Seinen series released in August 2008. Perhaps due to its raunchy subject matter, it never enjoyed a TV release, but has seen (in addition to the anime) a 10-volume manga and a live-action movie. It follows aspiring musician Negishi Soichi and his band as they rise through the ranks to become stars. 

The road to stardom is paved with many things...

Negishi, a gentle soul, moved to Tokyo from the countryside to persue a career as a folk or soft pop musician. Fast forward 5 years, and Negishi IS in a just happens to be the hottest metal band in Japan's indie scene at the moment. Despite his success, Negishi loathes this fact, and keeps after his original goal of singing sweet songs about love and romance and the like, even as his metal band continues to rise and grow with their songs about raping and pillaging.

This is rather mild compared to some of the other stuff that's been shown.

Let me start off by saying that I probably found this show funnier than I should have. (If you knew me personally, you'd know I have a very "interesting" sense of humour, which may be the reason this show didn't shock me so much as amuse me.) Despite the song titles like "Satsugai" ("Murder") and "Death Penis", this show is extremely the right person. The writing in the show is solid (though the episodes are a bit short, so the show as a whole feels rather stunted), the voice acting spot-on, and the jokes numerous, but none of this will matter if the viewer doesn't find this sort of humour funny. There's not really any ACTUAL violence, but there is a lot of talk of sex, drugs, booze, and murder, so needless to say this isn't a show for kids. At its core, though, DMC is a comedy.

Oh come on, that's hilarious!!

The show is rapid, in pace, jokes, and speech. There were times I had to pause, go back, and listen/read over again. As previously stated, the show is rather short (it was released as an OVA box set rather than getting a network run), so perhaps this is the reason for the quick-draw issues, but all the same it got a bit annoying at times.

Admit it, you totally do.

The art style and animation were quite unique, and seemed to be perfect for what it was telling, but as with everything else, it was also very, very fast. It was rather impressive actually, how fast some of the thrusts and hand motions were (perhaps they digitally sped it up after production). The faces were much more realistic than your typical anime, which may be more appealing to an older audience, and there was a marked difference between personas (not just due to makeup and hair colour), which, perhaps to highlight the show's main fare, made the scenes with "normal" people sort of.....boring. This alone makes me laugh, though.

Go back, Krauser, you don't want to be here.

I'm not sure if I should be worried or not over how much I enjoyed the series, but frankly, I don't care, as I was rolling with laughter the whole time. Despite my feelings on it, I cannot stress enough that this series IS NOT for everyone. DO NOT show this to kids. DO NOT show this to the elderly (unless they're as twisted as I am). If you have some liberal-minded friends who make dark jokes and laugh at some of the dirtier stuff on Comedy Central, go ahead and give them this. They'll think it's a hoot.

Oh, how this show can deliciously twist things around.

Detroit Metal City is available from, Huzzah & Scum Scans, Kona Fansubs (Italian), Tanoshii Subs (Spanish), and Gurenn-Dan (Finnish). It is licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks.

SERIOUSLY not for everyone.


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