Monday, December 15, 2014

Konpeito Kari does the Classics

Hey guys! KK here, your (mostly) faithful reviewer.

In addition to work stress and life stress and present stress, i have spent the past month thinking, "How can i follow up last year's christmas-thon for the blog?" The answer came to me about two weeks ago, and now i'm telling you! For the holidays this year, we'll be spending them watching (me) and reading (you) about 7 classic anime films, ranging from the early 70's to the mid 00's. Though i don't want to announce specific titles, i will say that they tend to be mostly dramas, with a few psychological thrillers and some action thrown in for good measure. Regardless, i hope you look forward to it, since i know i will! ^^

See you then!


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  1. I'm expecting Cowboy Bebop to be one of them -w-;